Take the next step in your studies! Exciting opportunities are available at the University of Naples “Federico II” for graduate students interested in study and research in extreme environments.

The new graduate program in the Biology of Extreme Environments is the first of its kind both in Italy and in Europe, and aims to prepare the next generation of biologists that will work to unravel the role of extreme environments in controlling planet habitability, contribute to biogeochemical cycling, provide new biotechnological resources and contribute to space exploration. To reach these goals we are training the explorers of tomorrow, integrating multiple disciplines, focusing on hard to ask big questions and providing hand-on training and research experience.

The new program has found extensive support from National and International biotechnological and biomedical companies, research institutes and space agencies, including the International Society for Extremophiles, the Earth-Life Science Institute, the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana and the NASA Astrobiology program.

The new program, currently pending approval, is entirely in English, and will start in the fall of 2021. The program is currently accepting pre-enrollment from motivated national and International students.