Enrollment Procedure

Skills required for admission

For the admission to the Master Degree in BIOEXTREME, students are required to have knowledge in basic fields, such as biology and microbiology; ecology; general, organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry.
In order to enroll in the master program, you will need:

  • A Bachelor (min 3 years) in Biology, Biotechnology or Natural Sciences or equivalent degree
  • Alternatively a minimum of 30 CFU in biological related subjects
  • Alternative careers will be evaluated on a case by case basis from the admission commission
The graduate program can enroll students holding a certificate of proficiency in English internationally recognized. The minimum score is recognized equal to B2. If the English language is not officially recognized, a placement test supported by teachers of the course.

For questions or equiry please contact bioextreme@unina.it


In order to become a student of the new master program you will need to be Admitted to the program and then Enroll. These are two different procedures that need to be done in sequence. The ADMISSION procedure is common to all the students of any nationality, and it is mandatory in order to verify the requirements and to confirm your knowledge of English. The ENROLLMENT procedure is different depending on if you are an Italian, EU or Extra-EU prospective student. Please see below the appropriate section.

Extra-EU students deadline for Universitaly application is July 10th, 2023

Enrollment procedure


Admission Procedure – common to ALL the students (Italian, EU and Extra-EU)

In order to apply to the Admission Procedure you will need the following documents:

  • your Bachelor Diploma
  • Transcript of Records (ToR) with a detailed description of the courses attended and the exams passed to obtain the final degree (only for foreign students)
  • a copy of your passport (only for foreign students)
  • an updated CV
  • the certificate of English language(when available/necessary)
  • other relevant documents

Once you have gathered all the documents fill in the online form available at: https://forms.gle/6DNRdeKQ4m5FQEkUA

Download, fill in, sign and upload again the FORM 1 – Recognition of Foreign University Title available at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12hlNFzHTCPyfK_8H_jRYN3dZIiUeTFdj

And upload all the documents as a SINGLE PDF file in the Admission form.

At the end of this procedure you will obtain a Pre-Acceptance Letter from the program coordinator to be used for the Enrollment procedure and to request the VISA (when necessary). Additional information can be found on the University of Naples International Admission page or the Universitaly Webiste

If you do not have a B2 English certificate or cannot prove a B2 equivalent level by other means, the Center for Language services of the University (CLA) will organizing an English Test in early September. In case you have an English language certificate or other documents supporting your knowledge of English (to a B2 level) you will not be required take the test. Keep your application process going even if you don’t have an English certificate yet!

Following the Admission Italian and EU Students and Extra-EU Students will have to follow different enrollment procedure. Briefly, Italian and EU Students will need to enroll using SegrePass while Extra-EU Students will need to enroll through https://www.universitaly.it/". The deadline for Extra-EU Student to enroll through Universitaly is July 10th, 2023.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Question for the appropriate procedure. Remeber also about the Study in Naples fellowship, available both to EU and non-EU international students. More information here. The deadline to apply is July 15th, 2022.

NB.If you are a Extra-EU Student a Declaration of Value (DoV) will be necessary to finalize your enrollment. The DoV can be requested at the Embassy and we suggest that you request it as soon as possible. Alternatively, a Statement of Comparability and Verification from CIMEA is also accepted and usually faster, although a bit more expensive. EU Students just need their bachelor and transcript to be released in English from their home University.

For questions or equiry please contact bioextreme@unina.it

Take the next step in your studies! Exciting opportunities are available at the University of Naples “Federico II” for graduate students interested in study and research in extreme environments.

The new graduate program in the Biology of Extreme Environments is the first of its kind both in Italy and in Europe, and aims to prepare the next generation of biologists that will work to unravel the role of extreme environments in controlling planet habitability, contribute to biogeochemical cycling, provide new biotechnological resources and contribute to space exploration. To reach these goals we are training the explorers of tomorrow, integrating multiple disciplines, focusing on hard to ask big questions and providing hand-on training and research experience.

The new program has found extensive support from National and International biotechnological and biomedical companies, research institutes and space agencies, including the International Society for Extremophiles, the Earth-Life Science Institute, the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana and the NASA Astrobiology program.

The new program is entirely in English, and currently open for enrollment from motivated national and International students.